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Through hard work and dedication to customer relationships HNS has grown to service a diverse clientele including:

  • Garden Centers

  • Landscapers

  • Re-Wholesalers

  • City and Municipality Parks Departments

  • Landscape Architects


HNS currently produces and sources a variety of native plants, evergreens, shrubs, ground covers, perennials and large specimen trees.

Custom Growing

Growing the plants you need for the time you need for your project or location. Catered to customer needs and requirements.


Providing prompt, professional and reliable delivery both locally and lower mainland


Professional consultation and advice for your project or location needs.

Custom Ordering

Ordering services to meet all your needs and timing for each project and location specific. Enables customers to use our services to locate and compile complex, multi - item orders

Delivery Local 


Greater Vancouver to Chilliwack
Please see local area delivery map below.


Local area Delivery Map:

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